About LAI HAO Taiwan Gift Shop

By developing and searching diverse high-quality Taiwan products, we hope more people know about Taiwan and discover the beauty from the island. The fusion of old and new Taiwan culture has always been the core value of Lai Hao. Instead of using repetitious symbol, which you will often see in the ordinary souvenir shop, as the only way to convey Taiwan image, we try to combine retro elements and objects and demonstrate “New Taiwan Aesthetics” We attempt to not only rebuild the confidence of M.I.T quality, but also enhance the overall evaluation of Taiwan products. Taiwan has way been difficult in its diplomatic relationships. By introducing different aspects of Taiwan culture from our products, we look forward to redefining Taiwan style gifts and souvenirs; furthermore, acting as an important bridge between Taiwan and the world.


來好目前與台灣各地風格文創、伴手禮品牌合作,是台北指標性的禮品選物店。除了持續引進優質台灣設計商品,來好也開發許多與台灣文化相關的生活用品、創意小物、紀念品。來好開發的吸油面紙曾入選2018年"Packaging of the World"; 三號店「來好嶼聲」更在2020年得到 iF AWARD肯定。來好目前進駐通路包括誠品expo、台北101、昇恒昌、林百貨等台灣重要百貨通路。希望有一天,台灣百貨公司引進的都是台灣品牌;希望有一天,台灣本土文化也能輸出海外;希望有一天,台灣人能以「台灣製造」、「Made in Taiwan」感到驕傲、自豪。我們期許自己成為台灣「在地文化」對外溝通的平台,在新舊文化交融過程中,來好想擔任引言人的角色,告訴你更多精彩的台灣故事。